Dominatrix Program - POTENT CHANGE NOW!

Being The Dominatrix of YOUR Life is about claiming ALL that you desire!
Is now the time to be the demand for you?  Is your life ready to become all you know it can be? 

Possibilities Coaching

Avail yourself of the brightest colors, wildest designs, and...

Speaking Engagements

When your attitude is in perfect  sync with your attire, there's nothing...

Gift Call For YOU ~ Play With Christine

Did you play that game as a child? Come have some fun and play with me in I DARE YOU. How can we use this to contribute to us choosing more of what we desire in our life all the while playing big time! This is my gift to you. One hour of play, laughter & dares!!!!


The is a step-by-step, accountability course where you will receive coaching on a professional level in a diverse group setting.

Where Possibilities Become Possible


Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach, CFMW


Energy & Body Work

Make a statement without saying a word, with our new line of...

Inspired Choices Inc.

Date Your Body Book

Would it be a contribution to you to have this book and create more communion with your body? Would you be willing to contribute to it’s creation, and in return receive some yummy treats for you, your body and your business? 

Is now the time for you to step into all that you desire?  

Inspired Choices TV's Most Recent Episode  

~ Busting The Lies of Bullying ~

Guest Petrina Fava & Host Christine McIver