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14-Day Positivity Feast

Here is a way for you to learn to remain empowered on your journey when life's negativity presents itself. 

We do need to be aware of the negativity in order to shift to the positive.  
The tools will still offer the same impact.

The best thing about the 14-day Feast is that it is simple (KISS), easy to follow and you receive HUGE value

Will you join us on this fun adventure?  
Our desire is to create a conscious group of people 
doing this together so we can contribute to a massive shift 
of the energy on our planet to LOVE!

This adventure is an opportunity to try new tools in an effort to empower you to own your own healing process. Giving you back your innate ability to self heal.

Here’s how it works: 

  • You receive one email from me every day for 14 days. 
  • Each email will be packed with A-Tool-Of-The-Day!
  • Embrace the tool, practice, practice, practice & expand your experience!
  • Have these powerful tools work for you. Not only will you FEEL the benefits of this work, but you’ll SEE how it will positively impact your life, your friends, family and the relationships around you. 

Did you know that when you take care of your own energy, you heal others around you? This is why we're so excited to get started!

So, if this feels great & light to you, something you need & could use right now, then please register here....

14-Day Program Feast / Fast

Let’s create some magic together!


Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach

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