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Achieving Targets With Your Body ~ Guest Carlo Celotti & Host Christine McIver

Choosing the Unexpected with Guest Juna Guetter and Host Christine McIver

Creating Locally with Jerrold Johnson  Host Christine McIver

Who is Christine McIver?

Magic With Music ~ Guest Jeffery Straker & Host Christine McIver

Inspired Choices TV

Inspired Choices TV is a show for everyone looking to have and receive more out of life, living and business.
Accomplished guests will join Host Christine McIver each week to share how they have created more for their lives and how they have assisted others to do the same.

Christine McIver, TV Personality will bring together guests from all walks of life to inspire, challenge and provoke you into having more and creating more in your life through this playful conversations.

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Expanding Business Local with Grant Browning and Host Christine McIver

Education from the University of YOU! with Guest Whitney Douglas & Host Christine McIver

Busting The Lies of Bullying with Guest Petrina Fava & Host Christine McIver

Motivating at Warp Speed Guest Peter Tolias & Host Christine McIver 

Become Healthy and Wealthy~Stimulate Your Cells, Stimulate Your Life.Guest Allie Ochs 

Divorce Done Different with    Priya Ali and Host Christine McIver

Turning Mental Illness Around with Joanne Del Core and Host Christine McIver

Being Bodacious with Rhonda Burns and Host Christine McIver

Stepping Out From Behind with Donnielle Ccarter and Host Christine McIver

Aiding Beyond Limitations Guest Amy McLaren & Host Christine McIver 

Inspired Choices

Christine offers workshops and coaching sessions in person, telephone or Skype