Including ... 


Not sure where you're going, what comes next or what you have to offer to whom or how? We work with you to discover your possibilities and give you the confidence to make the right choices for yourself. We offer coaching on: 

  • Creating a clear social media plan
  • Discovering and embracing your unique strengths and contributions to share on Social Media
  • How to manage what you create with ease and joy.


Together we co-create a website that is more than just information.  It is the ENERGY of YOU, your BUSINESS and what you DESIRE to bring to the world.

Once connected we work with you to determine your desires and explore your best options which may include: 

  • Build website or transfer current website to new platform
  • Create Layout (including choosing template)
  • Insert photos (from client)
  • Find & insert appropriate photos
  • Insert Social Media icons & links
  • Set-up event calendar
  • Coach, interview and video tape client
  • Setting up blog
  • Insert appropriate links to other sites/affiliates
  • Posting content (e.g. Free Downloads)
  • Uploading Podcasts or Radio Show MP3
  • Insert plugin’s
  • Create Social Media pages
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter Business Page
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • Pinterest 


Are you ready to be found & be heard? We work with you to determine your needs and explore your best options which may include: 

Internet Radio Show Production

  • Share you expertise & build a community of followers
  • Establish your credibility & show off your personality
  • Create content for future use
  • We assist with: show format, production and promotion

Media Presentation

  • Go beyond YouTube and Pinterest! 
  • Audio, Video or Still Imagery
  • Create a professional gallery to display your talents and passion for your craft
  • Website creation that expresses your voice to the world and connects you to the channels to be heard.


You've created your online presence and social media channels, now how do you maintain it? We'll show you how to:

  • Developing your online presence 
  • Maintaining your social media presence 
  • Learn time saving tips & tricks to create fun with this medium
  • Maintain your website once it's published
  • Prepare for interviews

Why Choose "us" 

Why choose us…we are different.  We focus on YOU!  Totally & Completely! 
The YOU that sometimes likes to hide, The YOU that is special & different, The YOU that the world is waiting for!

Each member of the Being Visible team have come from diverse backgrounds and have built their lives and business within their communities from the ground up – online. We’ve traveled the bumps and back roads of learning, creating and building our online presence; we’ve even made a few mistakes along the way. We discovered how to be courageous enough to be ourselves in front of the world. Only then were we able to explore and leverage online tools effectively.  We love what we do & we love communicating online.

Being Visible…we shorten the learning curve, we bring the impact you make in the world to life online and we help you be discovered by the people important to you.


We strive to provide personalized, high-quality and cost-effective website presence, design and social media services that truly represent our customers' uniqueness.

We are dedicated to removing the overloaded experience from establishing and maintaining your online presence.

We're here for you!

We understand the value of time and money, and we value yours.  

Whether your needs are basic or more complex, we are available to assist you.

We strive to be the best

We offer a variety of services and strive to be the best in customer service, knowledge, teamwork, and communication. 

We guarantee our work, and stand behind every decision we make.

Be Visible, Be Social, Be Heard

Being Social

Are you confused about what you really need to stay social online? Being Social works with you to find and use the right venues for you.

Get found, build and maintain relationships where they matter most.

Personalized training takes out the confusion.

Inspired Choices

Being Heard

Share your talent, your art and your message with the world through a dedicated website, and relevant social media venues. 

We will present you to the world through your own personalized video, 

Create your own BROADCAST SHOW!

We set up your site and guide you to expand your gifts online.

Being Visible

Being Visible will bring the 
REAL YOU forward.  

Whether for your small business or your career expansion...being visible is required for you to get to the next level.

We assist in designing your website, integrating social media while presenting your uniqueness to your desired audience.