Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach, CFMW


Christine offers sessions in person, telephone or Skype

Is Your Business Asking?

Christine is known for her business capacities and seeing what is required!

If you're done with your business not being all it can be and you desire it to be completed by a professional, Christine is the Business Doctor for you!


Strategic Business Package

*Full Business Review
Items to consider:

*Review Finances - ROI last year and future year targets
*Strategic Business Plan - step-by-step layout
*Website Evaluation, Clean-up, Linking etc
*Social Media Profile Branding consistency
*YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn set-up/cleanup
*Create a library system of all your creations
*Set-up a store to link to your website & Facebook
*Create a system for you & your team to create, post & catalog all creations
*Consult on where you can expand
*Discuss strengths, capacities and desires to move you forward
with your business targets
*Guide how to create Audio, Video & Written content to expand and create products
Package can include all of the above. Specifics based on client needs.

$1,000 - 7 hours
Reg $1,750


​Strategic Business Consultation

1 hour of Dr. Christine putting your business on her operating table
to find the blocks in your systems. 

Open to creating forward with guidance for a 25+ year business professional

$100 - 1 hour
​Regular $250

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