What Client's Are Saying About Christine

Christine McIver has an amazing gift. She truly is an Intuitive Coach for your life – she cheers for you when you need to be cheered and gives you a reality check when you need one. Through her intuitive coaching sessions and workshops, she has brought a new, wonderful dimension of vitality and perspective to my life. She took the time to learn about me and my own issues, helped me set goals, and helped me to see who I was and how to get to who I wanted to be – a loving and strong mother, someone who laughs and has fun every day with her spouse, and how to take my career and money issues in the right direction. Thank you Christine! I send you love!

One of the best decisions I've made was reaching out to a life coach.  Before going to Christine I was confused, insecure and unmotivated.  She helped me find the root of why I felt so stuck and encouraged me to face my fears head on.  My negative thinking is a thing of the past; I feel rejuvenated, optimistic and alive!  Christine completely changed my thought process and for the first time I feel a true sense of peace from within.

"I have gained so much insite since I started working with Christine. She has helped me see a purpose in my life and what direction I need to travel to not only recognize my dreams but how to also fulfill them. Life is about balance and now I have a general idea where to look (within) to achieve that. Thank you, Christine for your patience, understanding and insite in how to live my life to the fullest. I have found the path to my joy and can be peaceful within as I travel in my journey. There is so much abundance for all of us. We just need to look in the right direction to find it."

"My work with Christine has enabled me to take on the peaks and valleys that we all experience on this rollercoaster of life.  With Christine’s support and guidance, these peaks and valleys are not nearly as steep or as treacherous.In our active coaching relationship, I have gained clarity and self confidence.  We have managed to get through my challenges with calm, reflection and insight.  Since coaching my personal relationships, self confidence and finances have improved dramatically. Christine’s approach to coaching is very cooperative, direct and genuine.  I can always count on Christine to be forthright with me and give me reality check when it really is necessary.What I love about our sessions is that Christine creates an atmosphere of acceptance. I can talk to Christine about my challenges and be free of judgment.  That is a rare gift."

Since working with Christine I've been able to change my whole life. I've gained courage and a belief in myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. I now know I have a choice.Every area of my life has been made richer since beginning my work with my life coach. I have have more self confidence and have become more active and out going.Christine keeps me moving forward and calls me on my bull. She's so easy to talk to, real and down to earth."

Since starting to see CHRISTINE my life has changed drastically. Through our sessions, she has shown me how to make better life choices and decisions. She has shown me how to focus on the future and dream again instead of living in the past and dwelling mistakes in life. She has taught me to believe in myself and made me realize I can do anything I want to if I just believe in it. Our sessions have helped me overcome my shyness which has helped my business grow. She is always honest and not afraid to give me a reality check when needed. It is very rewarding to have a place where I can speak openly on whatever is bothering me and know that I will not be judged and then shown a better way to look at the situation. She always shows me the positive side to everything and teaches me to deal with the negative voices inside me.I can't thank her enough for everything she has helped me with. 

Sitting with Christine in her living room is like a breath of fresh air. It is so easy to get caught up with all of life’s little details and to never stop and take a look at the road ahead! Coaching sessions gave me the chance to stop and look at my current situations and figure out whether my activities and behaviours were taking me where I wanted to be. Christine not only helps her clients to develop a vision, she ever so gently demands it. A coaching relationship with Christine is like having a friend without the "friendship flaw" of being afraid to set you straight.  Working with her gave me clarity about my roles in my relationships and helped me let go of things where the situation was no longer mine to control.Christine, thank you for being a wonderful coach and friend.

In choosing to work with Christine I gained a true sense of independence for myself free of guilt. By becoming conscious of my role each time I engage with a family member, she has helped me overcome associating feelings of guilt that I would have because I felt lI always had to have every answer they needed of me. Since working with Christine I am more in touch with my spiritual life. I make a conscious effort now to connect with positive energy each time I feel my power slipping away.I am also able to work through issues of my past that I had held onto maybe as protection. Maybe I felt that without those issues: who would I be? Coaching has helped me become excited about discovering who I can be when I let go of those issues & attitudes. I love the fact that our senses of humour were on par - it felt like chatting with my dear close friend rather than work! I loved that Christine understood me without me having to say things but also loved how she forced me to dig deeper & think for myself - to create solutions for myself even when all I wanted was for her to just solve my problems & then give me back to me whole !!Thank you!
Everything we ask for is given! 


Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach, CFMW



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